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Well yes ok, I did promise you to share a little of my life as an artist with you. Thus I have committed myself to keep a weblog.¬†Originally I wanted to install one of my own here, but in the end that didn’t seem like a very great idea. It appeared almost impossible, or at least an awful lot of painstaking work, to truely integrate it into this website. Sure you can always, with a lot of trouble, adjust colors and move parts around. Even add a logo. But true integration? Make it appear on my own webpage within my own design? No way!

Ah well, I went for a little workaround. I created my weblog at WordPress, decided to publish every new post here and leave all else over there. No worries I’ll provide the links to all the previous stories as soon as there are any.

Even this appeared much more of a hassle than I expected. And help! No decent templates available so it stil really looks terrible! Sure I can make all the adjustments I want when I am willing to pay for that priviledge and of course have a few days to spare.

Since this is my very first blog post ever I guess it will take a little while before I have to send you there to read previous stories. Meanwhile I hope to find the time to at least tidy it up a bit.

At least I did write my first boring little story here and have with that finished creating my new website. Jippy!! Finally I can now open the doors and show it to the world. ūüôā

To be continued ………